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Abdul Vahid

Q : Me , Myself ..

I am Abdul Vahid, currently doing MA Economics in Delhi School of Economics. I did my graduation in Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad. I hail from Mannarkkad, a town in Palakkad district.

Q: How did you get into quizzing?

I got into quizzing when a star quizzer of our region in my school days, Midhun Bhaskar, wanted a partner for a quiz because his regular partners would not turn up. I was not at all good in any topic, except, may be, current affairs. He led me to state victories in Social Science quiz twice, all by himself; I was not at all a contributing partner at that time. When I moved to another school for 11th, people there thought I was a good quizzer. It put a burden on me to keep up the name Midhun had earned me; so I started a series of mugging up sessions from thick psc books and got somewhere. Then slowly I started hearing about quizzes by the likes of Captain, Arun etan, Snehaj sir etc. and took interest in that new (for me) and the real (I believe) style of quizzing.

Q: Your favorite memories from the quizzing circuit.

My favourite quizzing moment was an answer I made during a quiz by Midhun Shah sir (Assistant Professor, Farookh College, Calicut). It was an India-Kerala history and culture quiz and there was a question about a landmark called Pandavappara. I had not heard about this location before and just answered it out of thin air. I also cannot forget the 5 sessions of Reverberate I attended (2013-17), especially the last two where I got into finals in the most of the quizzes and placed in many.
My favourite QM is, without any doubt, Captain. I am also a fan of Arun etan’s quizzes. I don’t have specific areas of specialization; I am a general quizzer with little bit interest on India-related suff. My favourite quizzer and partner is Arun Ghosh.

Q: And the not so favorite ones ?

There are also many not-so-memorable episodes in my quizzing career; they are mostly quarrels I had with shady QMs regarding their questions and rounds.

Q: Quizzer(s) with whom you’ve partnered the most ?

I had many regular team-mates across my career: most notable of them are Sujith Etan, Arun Ghosh, Akhil Ghosh, Jaseer KB, Jameer KB, Roshan Zain, Nandu Ashok, Abhirami G and Snehaj sir.

Abdul Vahid


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