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QSeries is an app which encourages learning through unique explanatory quiz modules nurturing curiosity and investigation. The goal is to enhance learning through quizzing as an edutainment tool and explore blended learning in schools.


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Promoting curiosity based learning from a local to global scale by incorporating scientifically validated teaching and hybrid learning methods.


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Q Series, the app-based quizzing platform, aims at harnessing the idea of 'edutainment' and instilling the element of curiosity in learning.

features2 Student Perspective

Personalized & Dynamic Content platform in the form of Quizzes on various topics

Pull up content from topics of interest

Read more section for every Q & A

Access on multiple devices

Gamification model

Live Global Quiz events to compete with the very best

Create infinite number of new Quiz sets using Revise feature

Have the best preparation for all types of competitive examinations and Quiz competitions

features2 Teacher Perspective

Personalized & Dynamic Content platform in the form of Quizzes on various topics

Search for Curiosity Driven Questions using keywords to integrate with your lesson plans

Read more section for every Q & A

Teacher note feature for interlinking topics to promote multi disciplinary learning

QSeries engine to do Quick assessment tests as part of retrieval mode of learning

features2 School Perspective

Complementary Learning tool that is flexible to be used according to the schools needs.

Analysis & Stats regarding Engagement level, Assessment and Aptitude pointers.

Complementing the Spirit of NEP 2020.

Encouraging Collaborative research and implementing Scientifically validated learning/ teaching methods.

Integrating training for higher level competitive examination.

Inculcating Problem solving and critical thinking skills over the long term.



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Frequently Asked Questions


A brief Q&A to get you started with QSeries

No. It is a Curiosity Driven Learning platform where Quiz serves as the tool. Yes. There are Live Quizzes happening for those who want to participate in Global Quiz events competitively.

Curiosity is an integral part of Learning. Various scientific research on Curiosity has shown that it serves to activate the learning circuit and can lead to improved memory retention. A well framed 'Quiz' serves to act as the hook to help the students explore more information on various topics.

QSeries has been integrated in CBSE, ICSE, IB and Cambridge schools. It is being used for 4 use cases : Assignments , Learning , Teaching and Assessments.

You can directly subscribe to QSeries Student Account via Playstore, Appstore.

Yes, you can! One account can be accessed from multiple devices at the same time. It is also a cross-platform device that provides its support in Android, iOs as well as Windows.

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