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Arjun M

Q : Me , Myself ..

I’m Arjun, a B-Tech graduate hailing from Kannur. I’m a Manchester United supporter and a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar (I’m more popular as Tendulkar in the quizzing circuit) and Christiano Ronaldo.

Q: How did you get into quizzing?

I used to quiz during my school days though not as a serious quizzer. I came into mainstream quizzing during the first year of my graduation.

Q: Your favorite memories from the quizzing circuit.

As a Quizzer: Winning Inter University South Zone Championship and entering the National Finals.
As a Quiz Master: I have conducted an inter-college Quiz in my college in 2014. Even though it was my debut as a ‘serious’ Quizmaster, it received really good reviews from the participants and other quizzers.

Q: And the not so favorite ones?

Not winning Tata Crucible during my college life despite winning almost all the Biz Quizzes all over Kerala those days.

Q: Quizzer(s) with whom you’ve partnered the most?

Abhijith Sugathan, big brother and best friend who always amazed me by giving some awesome cracks without “preparing” for Quizzes. I didn’t have a regular partner from my college. I used to team up with other fellow quizzers and teamed up with almost all the college quizzers those days.

Q: Interests other than quizzing?

Reading sports and wildlife-related articles from the internet.

Arjun M


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