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The livewire that keeps the quizzing scene active throughout the state

School Edition Season 1

I Quiz Thiruvananthapuram

I Quiz Thiruvananthapuram. This fresh and dynamic informal quizzing community of Trivandrum started its venture with a small group of passionate quizzers on October 2017 with a vision to boost the activity of quizzing and to popularise it more as a sport rather than just an action platform for book smart people.

It is now one of the very few communities of its sort that brings together people from divergent age groups and social Strata. PT Arun IPoS(Ex) and Remya Roshni IPS(Ex) who are currently civil service trainers are the lodestars of this community.

The informal sessions formally took off with the Kerala quiz by Mrs. Remya Roshni IPS(Ex) followed by PepSci – The Science and Technology quiz by Mr. PT Arun IPoS(Ex). Till date, we have completed 10 editions of informals which are conducted ideally on Sundays and until now there has been no belated editions.

This community has expanded exponentially in the past few months after its formation and is now a lively and vibrant platform not just for exchanging knowledge but even for connecting with people. The distinction of this community is that it sticks to the title “informals” ;we use a variety of methods to promote fun filled and interactive means of quizzing wherein even amateur quizzers and a normal group of people with contrasting age group can participate without hesitation.

Besides the monthly informals we have conducted the prestigious Trivandrum leg IQA world quizzing championship in Association with our venue LBS Institute of Technology for women, Thiruvananthapuram.


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